Remember Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

And I love to laugh. Seriously! There’s nothing that I love more in the whole wide world. I love the goofy little grin that spreads across my face when I chuckle. I love the pain that boils up in my abdomen when I’ve been laughing for too long. I love feeling happy, and I love making others feel happy too.

And yet, even I, a person who fully enjoys the lighter side of life, acknowledge that there are times when the laughter must stop, and serious issues must be addressed. One such issue is the Nanking Massacre, or Rape of Nanking, a tragedy that many of us here in the West either don’t know, or simply don’t care about.

For those of you who have never heard of it, the Nanking Massacre was a period of mass killing and systematic rape that took place over the course of six weeks in the winter of 1937. It began when the Imperial Japanese Army occupied what was then the capital of China, Nanking. The Chinese government and military had fled by the time the Japanese entered the city, and so, the Imperial soldiers, recognizing that there was absolutely no one to stop them, did whatever they pleased. This included, but was not limited to, decapitating dozens of unarmed civilians as part of a contest to see who could kill the most people at once, burying men, women and children alive, raping and executing girls as young as 8 and women as old as 70, and even forcing certain family members to commit incest with one another for the soldiers own amusement. What they did was not only morally reprehensible, it was also illegal, according to the Geneva Convention. What they did, to put it bluntly, was evil. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that evil, wherever and however it is done, must be punished.

And yet, this evil was not, and still has not, been punished. That is the great tragedy of this affair. To this day, the Japanese government has refused to apologize for the atrocity. No reparations have been paid to the survivors of the massacre. In fact, the current Mayor of Osaka, Toru Hashimoto, has gone on record and stated that the sexual violence perpetrated by the Japanese soldiers was “necessary,” as it provided them with “rest.” And as if all this wasn’t outrageous enough, many Japanese schools have even omitted the event from their history courses, in the hopes that subsequent generations will never know it happened.

THIS OUTRAGE CANNOT CONTINUE! AWARENESS OF THE MASSACRE MUST BE RAISED! Imagine how furious you’d be if the German government tried to deny its Nazi past by claiming that the Holocaust had never happened, and refusing to pay reparations to survivors. DON’T BE HYPOCRITES! SHARE WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED HERE TODAY! DONATE TO “RAISE AWARENESS FOR NANKING MASSACRE” (the link is at the bottom of the page). These funds will go straight to the Nanking Massacre Memorial Museum, where they will be used to educate people about this great tragedy. DEMAND THAT THE TOPIC BE TAUGHT AT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL! WRITE TO THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE JAPANESE EMBASSY! DO SOMETHING TO HONOR THE 300,000 WHO LOST THEIR LIVES, AND TO ALL THOSE WHO STILL LIVE WITHOUT CLOSURE!


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