To Let The Heartbeat Speak

Thoughts as deep as the Mariana Trench,

Skin as smooth as Alabaster.

Arms from which I can never be wrenched,

A soul that’s filled with laughter.


These things, and more, I could use to describe you,

But alas, they fall short of fact.

They limit your grace, they restrict your beauty,

And I would never ever want to do that.


So instead, I’ll allow my actions to convey to you,

Just how much you mean.

I’ll allow my kisses, my beating heart,

To express how you’ve polished my soul clean.


And if, per chance, these aren’t enough,

I swear I’ll strive to do more.

I’ll sing, I’ll dance, I’ll paint, I’ll write,

Anything to make your spirit soar.


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