Why You SHOULD Be Watching Agents Of SHIELD!

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

Remember how yesterday I uploaded a review of Joss Whedon’s Agents Of SHIELD, and all I could do was list the show’s weaker qualities? Well, you can officially disregard everything I said, because I kept watching it today, and man, oh man, did it get better! It’s still witty, still well-acted, and without giving away too much, let me just say that the writers did a good job of giving certain characters more depth and back-story than I had previously expected, and threw in a couple of curve balls, including a certain romantic pair up, that I would never have seen coming. True, non comic book fans and people who have never seen the other Marvel movies will still be in the dark on certain things, but honestly, having seen these last few episodes, I feel a lot less hesitant to recommend this show to people. That is why I am officially updating my score for this series to 8 out of 10. It’s super exciting, super fun, and it only gets better as time passes. Check it out!


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