Fade Away

I dreamt a dream in which I was blind,
In which color and form were left far behind.
A dream where details were shrouded, as with a veil,
Where B’s became P’s, and screws became nails.
But not once in this fantasy did I fall prey to fear,
Or drown my face with self-loathing tears.
For I knew that the Earth was still beneath my feet,
That the sun was still bright behind the clouds filled with sleet.
See, I had a guide; a teacher, you might say,
Someone who helped me carve a path through the fray.
A person who showed me how I might reach the moon,
Who gave me the wherewithal to visit Rangoon.
A figure who’d stay with me beyond my dreams,
A friend, so glorious, that her soul simply gleams.
And it is to this person that I’d just like to say,
Thank you,
I love you,
Please, never fade away.


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